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Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Photo Puzzle

I had a bag of these craft sticks laying around for ever.   I knew I had to come up with something to do with them.  So here it is, a craft stick puzzle for the kids.  Such a simple project and my three year old is loving it!!
Craft Stick Puzzle

What you need:
Craft sticks
Mod Podge
To start, paint your craft sticks to coordinate with your photo.  Next, line your craft sticks up to make a perfect pallet for the size of your photo.  Paint a thin layer of mod podge onto the craft sticks and lay your picture on top.  Add one more layer of mod podge over the top of the photo.  After it's all dry, use an exacto knife to cut in between each of the craft sticks.  There you have it, such a cute puzzle for only a couple cents!!
 How cute is this?  On my weekly stop at goodwill, it always grab any random craft supplies it hope someday I will find a use for them.  As I've been trying to use things up lately, I came across these craft sticks.  I was stumped for a while and then it hit me, a puzzle!  I started by spray painting my sticks black and finding an appropriate size picture for the puzzle.  After my paint was dry, I lined them up upside down and lined them up perfectly.  Put tape across on each end to hold them well in place.  Turn it right side up and paint with a coat of glue.  Center and lay your picture on top of the glue.  Push down to get rid of any bubbles or excess glue.  After the glue is dry, turn your puzzle upside down and remove your tape.  Take an exacto knife and cut in between each stick.  You end up with an adorable puzzle, fun for kids and would make a great gift!!

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