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Thursday, July 24, 2014

Bike Makeover

Unfortunately Rory's bike was run over and didn't survive!  Which meant I was on a search for a new bike.  I came across this little bike for only $2.00 that was in need of some desperate attention.  In the end, it turned out adorable!
Bike Makeover

(Now you understand what I mean by needing some attention!)
 I started out by taking the bike apart and sanding all of the rust off.   After that, I spray painted all of the pieces on by one.  When they were dry, I put the bike back together.  The seat was still looking pretty rough, so I decided to cover it with duct tape.  I still looked like it needed something else, so I added a little bow made out of duct tape to match the seat.  She loved it and was out riding again in no time!

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