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Monday, March 2, 2015

Fabric Flower Wrist Corsage

Well it's time for the Father Daughter Dance!!  She could not be more excited!!  So of course, she needs a wrist corsage.  The theme this year is Neon/ Glow in the dark!  So why not go with a neon wrist corsage!  Instead of ordering her one from a floral shop, I decided to make her a fabric flower corsage.
Fabric Flower wrist Corsage

 To make it, I started by using some elastic to make the band and securing it with hot glue.  Next, I made a bow out of neon ribbon and some tulle and tied it on to the elastic band.  Using some felt and ribbon, I created a few fabric flowers.  I glued my flowers, along with a few felt leaves in to the bow with some hot glue.
I have no doubt she'll love it!  

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