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Saturday, August 31, 2013

Vintage Dresser

I got lucky again!  I happen to be in my in-laws garage and in the corner of my eye I see this beautiful dresser!  They literally had it filled with tools.  Needless to say, they gave it me.  Thinking I was crazy, and who would want such an old beat up dresser?  Needing very little work, it now sits in my front  foyer.

Lemonade Stand!

This might just be my greatest find yet!  I had been wanting to make the kids a lemonade stand for the summer!  I just happen to look on craigslist for one, and found this!  Only $5, granted it didn't look anything like this when I got it.  If only I took a picture. It was all just bare wood and no counter to it.  So I decided to go with the typical yellow and white, and added some chalkboard on the front.  Such a great find and so much fun!

Pallet Art

So I've clearly been on a pallet art kick!  I've gone up to my local hardware store to ask for old pallets they were looking to get rid of.  A Free Project!  I love the warn out look of old wood!  

So the map project I made for my son's room.  I did have to print the map out on four different pieces of paper just get the size large enough.  I also had to do this one by hand.  After painting the whole thing blue and cutting out my shape, I used a black sharpie to trace it.  I than painted the map white by hand.  Would have been a lot easier as a stencil that I could have spray painted, but I don't have a Silhouette Machine yet!  Maybe for Christmas!  
So the white Love sign, was pretty simple.  I just put the pallet boards together, nailed some letters,  (just from your local craft store), and painted over whole thing in white! 
As for the yellow heart love sign, this one was pretty simple as well.  I simply put my boards together, used a big piece of wrapping paper to create a heart stencil, and added the word love at the end.  It now hangs above our bed!

Feel free to order your own pallet already done online at my etsy shop!

Birthday Treat!

I'm so excited at how cute these turned out.  I found the recipe on Pinterst at /  They were a little time consuming, but well worth it.  His class went wild!  All it is, is some Nilla waffers, a mint cookie, died green coconut, red frosting for ketchup, and yellow frosting for mustard.  I found some gingham cupcake liners to display them and filled in with shoe
string potatoes!


Friday, August 30, 2013

Halloween Costumes

My little ladybug, and my little mummy!  Last year Collin decided he really wanted to be a mummy for Halloween.  When we went to the store, all of the mummy costumes we found I was not impressed with.  So I thought I'd take it on myself!  We took off for Walmart to buy a white sweatshirt and sweatpants.  I thought that would be a good starting point.  We also picked up some cheesecloth.   After we got home I found an old white sheet which I ripped into tons of strips about five inches wide, as well as the cheesecloth.  I filled a cooler with water, a whole pack of tea bags and some coffee grounds.  Put the fabric strips into the cooler and let them soak overnight.  When there done they'll appear a dirty white color.  I did put mine in the washing machine at this point, they smelled of very strong coffee.  After fresh and clean, use strong fabric glue to piece on the fabric.  I randomly pieced mine, switching off between fabric and cheesecloth. I also did on occasion tie a couple knots to give it some character.  I surprised myself at how well it all stayed together.  Going in to it, I thought, all I need is for this to stay together for one day!  I did that, and more.  After a couple wearings it is still in perfect condition with no dangling pieces!  As for the hat which I skipped over, I took an old baseball hat and cut off the brim.  Repeat the same method with fabric and cheesecloth.  Now the question is, what are they going to want to be next year?

Button Art

If you've looked at my blog before you've probably noticed my button fetish. It's always such an inexpensive, yet elegant look. For my frames, I always resort to Good Will. They have such gorgeous frames for only about $2.00. To make them, I remove the glass, cover it with the fabric of my choice, and sketch my design or word on with a pencil. Simply, hot glue the buttons on. As you can see, in both of these I also added a vintage jewel to give it a little pizazz!  

Chore Board

Here's one of my latest projects.  My kids are finally getting old enough, that I decided they needed to start helping out around the house.  At first, they were so excited.  They'd come running down every morning, like it was Christmas, to check out what their chores were for the day.  Unfortunately, it's already worn off.  But, at least I tried.  As far as making the board, the wood actually used to be a surf picture in my son's bedroom, which we weren't using anymore.  I started out by painting the whole thing cream.  After it was all dry, I found some letter stickers that I applied where I wanted them.  Then painted the whole thing black.  Again, after waiting for it to dry, I pulled off the stickers, leaving the cream to show.  I always like to sand everything down really good, I love the aged look!  After adding my hooks,  the kids went to work!

Jeweled Lamp Shade

 The lamp in my dining room was looking kind of plain.  It just needed a little sprucing up!  One thing I never pass up at a flea market is old vintage jewels.  They usually brake down to about under .50 each.  What a deal!!  As for the fabric flowers, they were made out of some scrape fabric.  The process of making them I will do my best to explain to you.  I know I really should have taken some pictures.  I cut my fabric into many circles about 1 1/2 inch diameter.  I used one circle for my base which I'm going to attach the remaining circle to.  With the rest of the circles, start by putting a dab of hot glue in the center of your circle. Quickly, before your glue sets, fold the circle in half.  Next, put another dab of glue in the center of your half circle and quickly folding it one more time, creating a quarter circle.  Once you have all of the rest of your circles folded into quarters, you can start attaching them to your base circle.  The point of your quartered circle should be in the center of your base circle.  Once it looks full enough to you, take your jewel and glue it in the center of your fabric flower.  As far as my lamp and my shade, I found both at good will for only two dollars each.  Overall, this beautiful lamp came to under $6.00!

Chalkboard Buffet Labels

"Buffalo Chicken Dip"

As we host many parties, I'm always using paper tents cards to label buffet items.  I decided to make a more permanent version.  At Home Depot or Lowe's, basically anywhere you can find tiles, they sell plain corner pieces.  I bought four to begin with, but I've already decided I need some more.   I started out by spray painting the tiles with chalkboard paint.  After they were dry I decided they still needed something else.  Another one of my go to items, is rolled fabric flowers.  You can always use up scrap fabric or even some old clothes right out of your closet.  I decided to go with white, keeping it neutral to always match my party theme. Before I hot glued my flowers on I simply wound some twine around the top.  Now, for every party we host, every body knows exactly what there options are!

You can also order the chalkboard labels online at my etsy shop!

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Easter Canvas

I was in some desperate need of some new easter decorations. As usual, I started searching the web and my house for what I had laying around to use up. I found a pack of empty canvases.  Online I found a bunny template which I cut out.  I taped the cut out bunny on top of the white canvas and spray painted it aqua.  After drying, I pulled the bunny off, added a cotton ball tail, but it still wasn't doing it for me.  With some scrap burlap, I decided to add a little bunting to fill in the empty space.  Now every easter he sits in my living room to bring in the holiday!

Button Monogram

Both of my girls sleep with their button monogram above their bed. For both of them I found a large frame at good will for only a couple of dollars. I did purchase a matting to fit each of them. After removing the glass, I covered it with fabric to match each of their rooms. I sketched the letter very lightly onto the fabric with a pencil, which for the most part actually erases. I've picked up many bags of assorted buttons at flea markets for only a few dollars. I used hot glue to attach the buttons.  At first, I put a single row of buttons and decided I wanted it a little bit fuller, so I kept adding as I went.
Don't feel like taking on the project, order directly at my etsy shop!

Dollar Easter Decorations!

 I know it's just August, but since I've just started my blog now, I'm going to try to update you on my past year creations!  I found some cheap easter eggs at home and decided to spruce them up.  First off, I took some newspaper and cut in to strips about half an inch wide.
 Load the eggs up with Mod Podge, strip by strip cover the eggs, until entirely covered.  Remember to put on wax paper or the eggs are going to stick!
Let dry and display in nest or where you'd like!

Chevron Frame

Having nothing to do today and some bare wall space, I decided to try to use up some old things laying around the house.  I found an old piece of plywood (clearly which I had used for spray painting), an old frame, and some painters tape.  Which I've heard they now sell tape in a chevron pattern already for you.  I first painted the plywood white, after letting it dry,  then put my painters tape on making a chevron pattern, and spray painted it aqua.  While that was drying I painted the frame aqua as well.  After the plywood was dry, I took my tape off which pulled a little of my paint off.  I actually really liked the way it looked.  I gave it a good sanding to age it a little and hung my frame.  Remember to not permanently attach your frame,  I'm sure at some point, you'll want to switch out your picture!  
One quite day, some old junk used up, and now an awesome new frame!

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