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Monday, November 3, 2014

Football Pinata

With the football season going strong, you might be looking for a few more decorations for your next football party.  Well here it is, this miniature football pinata.  Stuff in with candy or whatever goodies you want!  It's sure to be a huge hit with the kids.    Can you believe you only need 2 materials and you can find them both at Dollar Tree!
Miniature Football Pinata

 All you'll need to make your own is a roll of crape paper (your color of choice), I choose green for mine, GO PACKERS!  You'll also need a pack of kid's party hats.
To construct them, take two party hats (bottom to bottom) and tape them together(don't forget to put your candy in!).  Cut about two inches off of the pointy ends.  Next, take a piece of your crape paper and cover the two open ends.  The next step is a little time consuming, but worth it in the end.  Take you crape paper and fold it in half the long way. After it's folded in half, start making cuts about every quarter of an inch opposite of the folded edge.  Glue the cut crape paper row by row onto the party hats until completely covered.
After the hats are covered, add the stitching with white paper strips.
There you have it, an awesome addition to your next football party for only a couple dollars!

Monday, June 30, 2014

Brown Bag Utensil Holder

All of your utensils all packaged up for you.  How convenient!!  How cute!!  Such a simple process and can go along with any party theme!!
Brown Bag Utensil Holder

Get ready for barbecue season!!  How cute are these?  All you need is a small brown lunch bag, a hole punch, some twine or ribbon, and napkin of your choice to match your party theme!!  Simply fold up the bottom half of the bag, punch your hole through both layers and tie it off with some twine.  Stick your napkin and utensils right in the pocket.  
Your guests will love the convenience of trying to make your plate while holding your napkin and all of your utensils.  And of course, also how cute they are!!

Friday, August 30, 2013

Chalkboard Buffet Labels

"Buffalo Chicken Dip"

As we host many parties, I'm always using paper tents cards to label buffet items.  I decided to make a more permanent version.  At Home Depot or Lowe's, basically anywhere you can find tiles, they sell plain corner pieces.  I bought four to begin with, but I've already decided I need some more.   I started out by spray painting the tiles with chalkboard paint.  After they were dry I decided they still needed something else.  Another one of my go to items, is rolled fabric flowers.  You can always use up scrap fabric or even some old clothes right out of your closet.  I decided to go with white, keeping it neutral to always match my party theme. Before I hot glued my flowers on I simply wound some twine around the top.  Now, for every party we host, every body knows exactly what there options are!

You can also order the chalkboard labels online at my etsy shop!

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