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Saturday, June 14, 2014

A Floral Friday #1

So you may have read before, that before becoming a stay at home mom, I used to own a flower shop.  With that said, I thought I'd share a couple of my secrets for making a gorgeous flower arrangement for very inexpensive!  Since I don't have the luxury of bringing flowers home for free anymore, I've realized how expensive it is to purchase enough flowers to really fill up a vase.  I'll make this real cheap and really easy for you, even if have no design skills at all!
Flower Designing Secrets
Looks real doesn't?
 I found this bunch of roses at Walmart right after Mother's Day for only $2.98
 Use any container of your choice.  I found this one at Good Will for only .98 cents!  When ever I come across unique vases or pots I tend to grab them.
 To start fill your vase or pot with water.  Now here's the secret to keep your cost down!!  Are you ready?  
Use one or two large ARTIFICIAL hydrangeas.  (This is yet one more thing I'll usually grab at a thrift store when I see them.)  I know I'll always use them over and over in my fresh arrangements.  To start place them in your pot.  This is beneficial in two ways.  One, you can use the hydrangea as your grid.  Two, it fills in all the open spaces in between your roses.  And I guarantee, nobody will ever notice.  So using the hydrangea as your grid one by one, cut your rose stems on an angle and weave them into the hydrangea blossoms.
 Looking gorgeous, isn't it?
 One more thing I pulled out of my artificial flower stash, these small artichokes.  They add so much texture and the color contrast is perfect.
Now looking at the final product, you hardly notice the artificial hydrangea.  The focal point is definitely these beautiful orange roses.  
Over all, just try to keep a few large artificial flowers (a neutral color) on hand and you can use them over and over.  This arrangement turned out so beautifully and at a cost of only $2.98!!
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