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Thursday, October 31, 2013

DIY Ottoman

The other day I manage to get lucky enough to find this old ottoman.  Granted it was in good shape, but I knew some new fabric  could really make it pop!  I pulled off the old fabric and gave the legs a new coat of paint.  I thought the chair in my kitchen could really use a partner, so I found some new fabric that would coordinate.  I use my staple gun and worked my way around the ottoman.  My total cost for the project was around $7.00!  What a deal for a brand new ottoman!!

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Halloween Costumes 2013

My own little Cabbage Patch Doll!!  She couldn't fit the part more perfectly!  With those little chubby cheeks and all!  

After giving Paige a couple of options, this was what she decided on!  She told me she was a little latte!  

As for Collin's costume, he's representing for his favorite movie, Willy Wonka!!  Who doesn't love the Oompa Loompas!

Jingle Bell Frame

It's really hard to find holiday decor in aquas and teals, so as you might have already picked up on, I've resorted to making a lot of it myself.  I had a deep, shadow box frame that I found at home, and figured I could find something to make with it.  I dug out some small ornament I had, a piece of snowflake craft paper and some white stickers.  I cut my paper to fit the frame, added the ornaments and put the "jingle bell" stickers to the front of the frame.  Very easy and simple project.  Give it a try, let me know how it goes!

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Christmas Pillow

Another accent pillow for the holiday season!  For my pillow, I used an envelope back pattern.  I attached a tutorial from Creativebug.  For the front, I was able to find this adorable printable at Aleshahaley.  I printed it out onto my green fabric, and slightly frayed the edges.  I than used fabric glue to attach the printout to my pillow.  In my collection of vintage jewels, I  happened to find this tree shaped pin.  It gave my pillow the little extra elegance it needed!

Monday, October 28, 2013

Christmas Countdown Sign

 You may have seen a past post, about an old outhouse that we knocked down.  Fortunately, there was some old wood that I was able to save.  I decided to put some of it to use.  I started by painting the front of it black.  After drying, I put some stickers on reading Christmas Countdown.  With stickers still on, I repainted it white once again.  After dry, I pulled my stickers off leaving my letters to read black.  I used sticker back chalkboard to cut out a shape for my countdown to take place.  Of course I still wasn't happy with it, so I spruced it up, with a fabric flower, some berries, and a few christmas 
greens!  Can't wait for the countdown to start!!

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Weekly Top 10 #3

DIY Ornaments
For this weeks Top 10, I'm again, sticking with the holiday theme.  I decided to go with DIY ornaments. Everyone can always use some new ornaments and they can also make such a great gift.  It was hard only choosing ten, I had come across so many great ideas!  Click the links below the image for the tutorials!  
Have Fun!

Cookie Cutter Ornament

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Button Christmas Tree

 I've come across a few of these button Christmas trees online and they have always caught my attention.  Since I had all of the makings I thought I'd make one of my own today.  As you can see, all you need is a frame, some fabric, and buttons.  Of course you can choose whatever color pallet you'd like.  Most of the one's I'd seen were done in traditional red and green.  
Just so I didn't waste my frame for good, I used a piece of cardboard as my backing and left my glass in behind it.  I drew a light sketch of a tree to use as my guide.  And started hot glueing all of my buttons on!  To give it a finishing touch, I gave it a large pearl jewel as my tree topper.

Vintage Santa Canvas

 For this project, I started out by choosing this vintage santa image that I found on  I used the freezer paper method for printing which you can find at DIY life.  I've tried many methods before for trying to print on fabric and I've definitely had the most luck with this one.
I took a plain white canvas and spray painted it black to really make the white fabric stand out.  I painted on a very light coat of mod podge to use as my adhesive to attach my fabric to the canvas.  After I was done it still needed a little something else, so I added some stickers reading "Peace and Joy", some holly and a few berries.  I decided to use some glitter glue to give Santa's hat and jacket a little extra sparkle!

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Holiday Gift Box

Well there's not much to this at all, but I thought I would share how a simple gift box can be such a cute addition to your holiday decor.  I actually found this black and white box the other day at good will and just added a bow, some pine, and a few pine cones.  It's going to fit perfectly with my kitchen holiday decor!

Holiday Frame

 In the basement I found this old picture we had from years ago.  Over time, I've created a large collection of letters that I tend to pick up when I see them, in hopes that they will be someday be put to good use.  So I decided to put together a frame for the holiday season.  I used wood glue to attach my letters together creating the word "Noel".  The letters were four different colors when I started.  Being new to blogging, I always forget to take pictures along the way.  Back to the letters, after attaching them together, I spray painted them silver.  Using my wood glue I attached the "Noel" to the frame.  For another touch of winter, I added some pine and an ornament to the corner.  After putting in my own picture, it looked adorable!

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Weekly Top 10 #2

Top 10 Mason Jar Gift Ideas
Like last week, I'm going to stick with a gift giving theme, to hopefully help you out with some holiday gift giving ideas.  Neighbors, friends, teachers, anybody you might need just a little something for!  Just click below each image for the link.

Simmering Pot Mason Jar
Sewing Kit
Spa in a Jar
Soap and Washcloth in a Jar
Apron Gift Set
Candy Cane Body Scrub
Terrarium Gift Set
Chocolate Chip Bread in a Jar
Soup in a Jar
Bird Seed in a Jar

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Mason Jar Snow Globe

So I manage to find a few more things laying around home to create some more Christmas decor.  I had some mason jars, a few little trees from our Christmas village, and some faux snow.  I added some snow to the mason jar, glued the tree to the bottom of the cover, and simply turned it upside down and there you go, a brand new Christmas snow globe. 

YES, It's a Giveaway!!!!
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Monday, October 14, 2013

Yarn Trees

Again, trying to make some new winter decorations without going out investing in brand new things, I had some materials right here at home.  All I needed was some yarn, white felt, and styrofoam cones.  On a side note, whenever I'm at a thrift store and see any crafting materials, I usually grab them, knowing I will someday find something to do with them.  I started by hot glueing my yarn at the top of the cone and winding it around, stopping on occasion to secure with more hot glue.  As for the felt tree, I cut out many pieces in somewhat of a leaf shape.  Starting at the bottom, I hot glued them on one by one, one row at a time until reaching the top.  Winter will be arriving before we know it, a few more projects, and I will soon be ready!
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