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Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Chalkboard Note Board

 Some people can browse the internet for hours.  That's how I feel about the silhouette software.  There's so many amazing pictures giving me endless ideas.  I recently came across this pattern, which I thought would be perfect to surround a chalkboard.  I had this ribbon in tan and white, so I decided to stick with that color scheme for the pattern.  After painting it on, I distressed it a little to give it some character.  Perfect for an entry way to keep some notes!!   Go check it out at my etsy store Craft Crazed Mom.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Chalkboard Lazy Susan

Not a big project or anything but, I thought I'd share the idea!  Again as I'm writing all these posts, I'm noticing my fix with chalkboard paint.  Maybe a bit much, but it's just so cute and yet functional.  At Goodwill the other day I spotted this lazy susan and decided to give it a coat of chalkboard paint.  How nice will it be to label your treat right on the lazy susan itself!

Fall Chalkboard

As fall is approaching I decided to change up my chalkboard.  Yes, my chalkboard print could use a little help, but It'll do just fine!  I went with the "Give Thanks" saying and added a pumpkin and some leaves to spruce it up.  It'll be the perfect addition to my dining room  fall decor.

Friday, August 30, 2013

Chalkboard Buffet Labels

"Buffalo Chicken Dip"

As we host many parties, I'm always using paper tents cards to label buffet items.  I decided to make a more permanent version.  At Home Depot or Lowe's, basically anywhere you can find tiles, they sell plain corner pieces.  I bought four to begin with, but I've already decided I need some more.   I started out by spray painting the tiles with chalkboard paint.  After they were dry I decided they still needed something else.  Another one of my go to items, is rolled fabric flowers.  You can always use up scrap fabric or even some old clothes right out of your closet.  I decided to go with white, keeping it neutral to always match my party theme. Before I hot glued my flowers on I simply wound some twine around the top.  Now, for every party we host, every body knows exactly what there options are!

You can also order the chalkboard labels online at my etsy shop!

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