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Monday, April 7, 2014

Wood Chevron Crab Sign

 As you may have read before, I'm giving my son's room a makeover.  Since we've decided to move to South Carolina, I thought a nautical theme would be appropriate.  I found this plain wood sign at good will and knew it would make a awesome sign for his room.  As I was browsing my silhouette images, this crab caught my attention. After painting the whole sign white, I  added the grey chevron,  and used the crab as a stencil.  When I was done, I added some rope around the edging.  Can't wait to get to SC and see how this whole room comes together!

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Pink Chevron Tote Bag

 Lately I'm not a mission to try to use up some of my craft supplies, that I feel have been sitting around here for ever.  That's where this bag comes into play.  It came in a multicolor pack of canvas tote bags and I only needed one of the three.  So trying to use up this pink one, I decided to add a sliver glitter chevron pattern.  After the chevron, I decided to add a couple of gray fabric flowers and a rhinestone jewel to glam it up a bit!  Who doesn't need another tote bag?
Order your own at Craft Crazed Mom!

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Chevron Frame

Having nothing to do today and some bare wall space, I decided to try to use up some old things laying around the house.  I found an old piece of plywood (clearly which I had used for spray painting), an old frame, and some painters tape.  Which I've heard they now sell tape in a chevron pattern already for you.  I first painted the plywood white, after letting it dry,  then put my painters tape on making a chevron pattern, and spray painted it aqua.  While that was drying I painted the frame aqua as well.  After the plywood was dry, I took my tape off which pulled a little of my paint off.  I actually really liked the way it looked.  I gave it a good sanding to age it a little and hung my frame.  Remember to not permanently attach your frame,  I'm sure at some point, you'll want to switch out your picture!  
One quite day, some old junk used up, and now an awesome new frame!

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