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Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Washi Tape Clipboard

What a great Christmas present for your teacher!  They all need a clipboard, right?  This makes such a useful, and yet inexpensive gift!!  And yes, it's so simple to make!
Washi Tape Clipboard

To make one yourself, get a clipboard and some washi tape.  You can use fabric washi tape (as I did) or you could definitely use regular washi tape if you choose.  To start, place your tape in a straight line across the top of the clipboard wrapping slightly around the edges.  Use an exacto knife to cut the tape alone the edges of the board.  Continue taping all of the way down the board until completely covered.  I decided to add a few fabric flowers in the corner of my board for a little extra decoration.  You can easily add a decorated pencil along with the clipboard.  Place two pieces of washi tape on the pencil the long way to cover.  Really simple, right?

Any teacher would love this!!

Monday, October 14, 2013

Weekly Top 10

Top 10 Mason Jar Gift Ideas
Like last week, I'm going to stick with a gift giving theme, to hopefully help you out with some holiday gift giving ideas.  Neighbors, friends, teachers, anybody you might need just a little something for!

Top 10 Teacher Gifts and 
Matching Printable Tags

So I decided to put together a weekly Top 10 list, each week choosing a different topic.  With the holidays approaching, I thought some cute gift ideas would be a great place to start.  Of course teacher's gifts are needed many times of the year, start to the new school year, Christmas, Teacher Appreciation Week, and even an end of the school year gift.  Here are the list of the cutest ideas I could possibly find. I also made sure they all had printable tags, so all of you that aren't that crafty, it'll be so simple to put these gifts together!  Click on the link below each picture for the matching tag!

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