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Thursday, September 4, 2014

Duct Tape Key Chains

I featured these duct tape key chains on The Crafty Blog Stalker back in June, but in case you missed it, I thought I'd post it myself.  Take a look!!
Duct Tape Key Chains
My daughter has such amazing duct tape and I knew I had to come up with something to make out of it.  It finally came to me, wristlet keychains!!  Your options are endless with such a wide selection of duct tapes out there.  For mine, I decided to go with white, silver and golds.  Why not make something you'd actually use, everybody needs a keychain, right?
Turned our so pretty, didn't they?
As far as the process of making one yourself, it's so simple.  To start, rip off a piece about 14 inches long. 
 Fold both of your sides in, meeting them in the middle.
 Take your entire strip and fold it in half.
 Take the raw end of your tape, and place the ring through it.  Fold the raw edge up about an inch.
 With a matching piece of duct tape, cut about a 2 inch square.
Again, folding the edges in, but not quite meeting in the middle.  You want to allow some backing to be exposed to stick to your wristlet.
With the small matching piece, wrap around wristlet covering the raw edge.  You may want to use a little glue to secure your edges.
With such a selection of duct tape out there, you could make something elegant like these or create a wristlet a lot more funky for a great kids craft project!!  This is such a simple project to make, give it a try.  Enjoy one yourself or make one for a friend.  They would make such a great gift!

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