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Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Fall Twig Monogram

Fall is just around the corner and I was in need of a new decoration for my front door.   As I was trimming down one of my bushes I decided to keep all of the remaining branches to try to come up with a project.  I'm so glad I did, they worked perfect for creating this fall twig monogram for my front door!!  You may have noticed before, I'm a HUGE fan of anything monogrammed!!
Fall Twig Monogram

You like?
The process of making this was so simple and honestly free!!  Can you believe it?  Yes, FREE!!
Start out by cutting your letter of choice out of cardboard.  Next, go out and find your twigs.  After you have your twigs, take one at a time and hold it up to find the appropriate length you need to cover your cardboard.  Use your pruning clippers to cut it off.  Use hot glue to attach it to your cardboard.  Continue this process until the whole thing is covered.  After I was done, I felt it needed a little more depth so I added a second layer.   When it's complete, add a few fabric or silk flowers, a pumpkin, or maybe some wheat?  What ever you want to dress it up a little!  Now how simple was that?  And yes, at no cost at all!!

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